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What does Swim Squad offer?

Or rather, what do you want? We have clients that want to build up their fitness, get their kids in the pool, learn to tumble turn, dive, freestyle better or even master butterfly. Everyone’s starting point is different, we build the Journey for you, and with you. We first establish where you are at, and where you want to be. We then devise a plan to get there. We set a regular training regime, both with your Coach and also on your own. We track and assess your progress and have heaps of fun along the way.

Our Private and Small group lessons cater for a broad variety of Swimmer starting from ages 7 and above. We are hoping to bring on a Learn to Swim program for the little ones in the near future to welcome more into The Squad, but at the moment we are sticking to what we do well – we strive for quality Coaches and look forward to updating you on this soon!


One on One – $85 (45 minutes)

In-depth coaching aimed at improving a Swimmers technical skill and physical ability. We employ a wide range of tools to help our swimmers achieve their goals. Regardless of where you want to get to, our coaches are passionate and experienced enough to be with you every step of the journey. We help devise a plan, track and monitor your progress in a fun and innovative way.

One on Two – $95 (45 minutes)

We do love to create a team atmosphere here at Swim Squad, and what better way to do it than with a friend or sibling? These lessons operate in the same way as our One on One, where we work towards each swimmers own goals. For safety and to ensure our swimmers get the most out of each lesson, we ask that abilities be similar and will be happy to adjust the lesson accordingly. Get in contact if you have any questions.

Adult Learn to Swim – $85 (45 minutes)

We cater for all abilities in our One on One Adult lessons and love nothing more than our Swimmers achieving what they set out to do. Our coaches know the time and dedication it takes to learn to swim, learn a new skill or fix bad habits and that is why we are with you every step of the way. In these lessons our Coaches may jump in the water with you to assist or demonstrate. We closely track progress and celebrate the wins along the way.

Stroke Correction – $65 (30 minutes)

Practice to perfection. We either need to break a habit, or learn one. And it takes work, at an intensive level. We are changing neural pathways or creating them, so our correction lessons are focussed, but fun. A great way to compliment your small group classes and increase abilities.

Swim Squad Masterclass $120

It’s the ultimate Squad feeling! This is our Masterclass – or 100% learning made for you and your friends (subject to 4 swimmers). These classes can be tailored to your needs and have a singular focus – want to tumble turn, dive, butterfly, or anything else? We can design it for you! Get in touch to discuss further.

Safety is extremely important to us here at Swim Squad Singapore, so in addition to International Coaching accreditation, our coaches are also certified in Basic First Aid and AED administration. Please also refer to our Squad Policy page for information on Weather policy.

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